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Google Apps @ SJC

As of November 20, 2009 SJC has gone Google! Listed below you will find some useful information that will help you get acclimated in your new Google Apps account.

Google Apps @ SJC Tech Times Blog Posts

Click the Google Apps category over on the right hand side (or view the links below) to read all the posts on this blog related to campus use of Google Apps.

* New Features Announced. Click here
* Viewing SJC Calendars. Click here
* Top 10 Things to Understand About Your Account. Click here
* Connect your mobile device. Click here
* Attend a hands-on training session for Google Apps. Click here

Need help? Contact the TIS Department

If you encounter any problems with your account, or have a question, please complete a tech help form here: http://tis.sjcny.edu/help/help.html or call the TIS Help Desk.

Google Apps Help Pages

From within any location in your Google Apps account you can obtain help by clicking the Help link in the upper right corner.  The direct links to help are also listed below.

Gmail Help click here.
Gmail Getting Started Guide
click here.
Chat Help click here.
Google Docs Help click here.
Calendar Help click here.

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  1. Hi–
    I have questions about security and privacy issues involving GMail. Specifically, information from EPIC and other organizations has suggested the following issues with GMail:
    1. GMail’s reading of e-mail for the purposes of direct advertising;
    2. GMail’s reading of incoming e-mail without the consent of the sender;
    3. Whether the College’s use of an “sjcny.edu” suffix obscures the involvement of GMail;
    4. GMail’s archiving of e-mails, and the vulnerability of those archives to outside groups or hackers;
    5. Questions of GMail’s compatibility with California, US, and European data protection laws and regulations;
    6. GMail’s integration of web browsing histories with information retrieved from e-mails.

    I am not an expert on any of these issues, but I assume TIS has looked into them. Has TIS posted any information about these issues anywhere? Thanks.

  2. Hi Brian,

    As thorough as your department has been for getting the word out to students to change their passwords by today, I am sure I will have some PGS students who have not heeded your message.

    They will probably come in my office not knowing what to do. What would be the procedure you would like us to give to these students in Academic Advisement for those who have not changed their password as of today’s date?

    • Mary, Please send all students to http://techatsjc.wordpress.com for all Google information. Updated information will be provided for students here as we get closer to the switch.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for posting responses to my questions. Some of the responses are helpful, but some of my questions remain either unaddressed or addressed inadequately. Please address the following four concerns:

    In general, the responses rely on Google’s public statements about their product, many of which are inconsistent with the Terms of Service Agreement and Google’s Privacy Policies and Notices. This inconsistency generated a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, earlier this year, regarding Google’s allegedly deceptive marketing practices. What is TIS’s assessment of this complaint, which comes from the Electronic Privacy Information Center?

    The responses also do not address my concern that using an “sjcny.edu” suffix masks the involvement of Gmail in providing our e-mail services. Does this suffix deceive users by suggesting that our e-mail is still administered by the College, and not by an outside third party?

    Perhaps most importantly, GMail turns student, faculty, and administrator e-mail over to a third party. This may be inconsistent with FERPA, a risk that has sparked extensive debate on many campuses. What is TIS’s position regarding the compatibility of Gmail with FERPA? Have the College’s attorneys looked into this issue? What was their conclusion?

    Finally, employing Gmail seems to violate the College’s privacy policy and the College’s computer use policy. These policies prohibit turning over various types of information to third parties; they prohibit using College computer facilities for non-academic purposes (such as Google’s use of e-mail activity and content for non-academic purposes); and they prohibit using College computer facilities for profit-making purposes (such as Google’s use of e-mail activity and content for profit-making purposes). How is Gmail compatible with College policy in these areas?

    Thanks very much.

  4. None of my mails and mail folders were migrated. When will you migrate them?

    • Peter, the migration process will take a few days, but we expect it to be completed by Nov 27th. The process just started tonight. Continue to log into your new Google Apps account to check for them.

  5. […] to Mattson Technology, LCC International Inc., Fresno State University, The University of Delaware, St. Joseph’s College and the thousands of other businesses and schools that made the switch to Google Apps in the last […]

  6. […] to Mattson Technology, LCC International Inc., Fresno State University, The University of Delaware, St. Joseph’s College and the thousands of other businesses and schools that made the switch to Google Apps in the last […]

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